Week 14, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Whin Hill Minsmere

Great to come back to Whin Hill where I did my sketch last year for Look East with Mike Liggins, I always said there would be a colour version.  I was volunteering again on the reserve doing some maintenance work on my Red Deer scupture which is just outside the Discovery center. Spring if now in full force with the great weather.

week 14

Week 13, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Looking north up the beach from Covehithe towards Benacre with my gallery assistant Pippa (my dog), she certainly enjoyed the walk and loves the beach and sea. I love the ever changing cliffs here as they are constantly eroded away by the high tides. Walking along the cliff top the other week towards Benacre it was fascinating to see last years path right on the edge at points completely it disappeared off the edge to be seen rejoining some distance further along. Glad to say there is now a warmth to the Spring air which has made painting outside far easier.

week 13





Week 12, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Martello Tower Aldeburgh

After about half an hour I realised that today’s choice of location was not too smart with a stiff wind straight of the sea. However I walked all round the Martello towers and on the far side it far more sheltered and felt much warmer. But I couldn’t find a better view and I wanted to include the sea, it is just the way it happens. Built between 1808 and 1812 it is the most northerly tower and also the largest.

week 12

Week 11, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Aldeburgh beach

A really pleasant day on Aldeburgh beach with one of the inshore wooden boats IH38 that sits outside the White lion. Nice to chat to so many people who came to see me whilst I painted having recognised me after the Look East article during the week.

week 11

Week 10, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Looking towards Southwold

I have always liked this view and sketched it many times. The view is from the Blackshore looking up towards the town looking up the creek at the back of the caravan site. Despite the temperature being a little higher today (around 10C) it was still not warm sitting on the steps of Southwold Haven sluice, the colours were very muted on this grey March Saturday morning.

week 10

Week 10 kate sketching


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