Week 27, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Greyfriars Priory ruins, Dunwich

The site of one the sketch a day sketches now part of the weekly challenge. The 13th century ruins sit inside a walled 7 acre enclosure with its 2 gateways. I was taken by the view through one of the windows.

week 27

Week 26, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Walberswick beach

The panoramic view of the beach stretching south to Dunwich and on towards Sizewell is always beautiful. At the Walberswick end the sea is shallow and the waves gently rolled across it in the sunshine this morning. There was a beautiful range of blue/greens and browns from the sand beneath on the sea while the distant cliffs were green with a thin slither of beach remaining distinctly visible a light strip. Nice to see people swimming in the sea and people strolling along the beach many with dogs enjoying the day. Interesting are the patterns on the beach where sand meets patches pebbles.

week 26

Week 25, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Southwold beach

An early morning sketch on Southwold beach with the waves crashing onto the groynes. A cloudy morning which is quite a change from the many blindingly hot days of the past week.

week 25

Week 24, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Covehithe Church

When I did my sketch in week 18 I saw this view across the fields towards the church, I thought then there was a future sketch waiting to be painted. So I returned today to find that the view was now much more difficult to see as the trees and undergrowth has filled out. Not to be put off I moved closer to the church to a nearer gateway and a similar view.

week 24


Week 23, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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National Trust Dunwich heath

A trip to Dunwich National Trust except this time looking northwards along the beach towards Southwold from the clifftops. Quite surprised that it was so windy and quite a challenge although worth just being there for all the Sand martins that were constantly flying past over the Bracken and Gorse. As I sketched this view the shadows of small clouds constantly flitted their way across the sea.

week 23

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