Week 39, 2017 Colour sketch challenge


Well it’s week 39 and that means we are 3 quarters the way through the challenge and 3 quarters through the year and now definitely Autumn and what could be more appropriate than Horse Chestnut Conkers. It was quite a surprise to me that in Wrentham there should be so many laying on the ground as in my youth they would have been gathered up by the village children.

week 39



Day 263, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

Wood Farm Barn, Benacre

A beautiful barn at the back of the Benacre Estate near Wrentham, Suffolk. The barn was built in 1840 when it was an agricultural building but it underwent refurbishment in 2002 and is now used for weddings and corporate events.

Wood farm 263

Day 251,of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

Horse Chestnut

European Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) or as we knew it from our childhood ‘conker tree’. Yet more signs of Autumn with conkers on the ground, these ones in Wrentham.