I am often asked about what are monoprints and how many prints are in the edition? As its name suggests Mono=1, yes it is a single hand crafted print and cannot be reprinted, it is a printed drawing/painting.

The process starts with a nice flat surface such as copper, perspex or in my case Aluminium.

On to this surface ink is rolled on in my case I love using black to leave a thin layer.

Now the drawing starts. The idea is to remove the ink with rags, earbuds to remove the ink from the plate, this will form the light/lighter areas depending how much ink is removed.

Once all the ink that I wish to remove is complete it is time to take the print on a piece of Japanese paper by either burnishing or passing through a press.

Nocturn 01

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"Nocturn 01" 41 x 29 cm