Day 297, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

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Blackshore Wind Pump

Sketched from the Walberwick side of the River Blyth looking across the river towards Reydon and Southwold. This disused wind pump was built in 1894 but lay derelict for over a century after a severe storm ripped off it’s sails. It is a slender brick built 3 story tower mill built by Robert Martin of Beccles. In 2002 preservation started with a new metallic sail cap.

Reydon water pump 297


Day 295, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

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Horse Mushrooms

Strangely growing on a roundabout in the middle of Lowestoft about 20-25 Horse Mushrooms (Agaricus arvensis). They have delicate pink gills and a white cap. These were not yellow stainers which can be easily confused with and are poisonous, care should always taken.

Horse Mushrooms 295

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