“The stubble stag” YANA day 30 of 100

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One of many traditional names given to our brown hare is the stubble stag. At this time of year this is the most apt name as so many of the fields are full of stubble. This fine stubble stag was in such a field in Stockton, Norfolk.

Again this drawing is 594x420mm and will be for sale in the forthcoming exhibition of which details will follow soon.

“Returning home for morning milking“ YANA day 27 of 100

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This morning started bright and early at 6am at the calf at foot dairy with Fiona and Zoe. On the farm they keep about 40 Jersey/Red Poll cows and we herded these from marshes and up the path to the dairy to be milked. Today’s sketch is the herd en route to the dairy. I am sure that we shall feature this herd again in the drawings.

Fiona the tenant farmer explained that the herd is purely pasture fed with no grains, soya or gmo producing a delicious and luxuriant creamy RAW milk which can purchased from the farm in Somerleyton or by other means. Visit their website for more information. https://www.the-calf-at-foot-dairy.co.uk/

“Parsley sauce anyone” YANA day 26 of 100

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Someone asked me what I was going to sketch today and I said Parsley harvesting. I saw a look of surprise and then they admitted they had never considered it had to be harvested. Certainly over the past few years I have noticed more and more fields of parsley. So very fortunate to catch The Halls harvesting parsley in what were once fields that belonged to my parents farm. I was fortunate to grow up in the farm at the back of the picture Brick Kiln Farm which my grandfather purchased from the writer Adrian Bell. Some specialised machinery in use here. Parsley sauce anyone?

Parsley harvesting