Week 47, 2017 Colour sketch challenge


It was beautiful, if not frosty with blue skies this morning. The plan was to get up to Norwich with some new paintings and to deliver them to Mandells Gallery, then back home and out for an afternoon sketch at Dunwich. But like all well oiled plans it came off the rails when the car battery gave up the ghost. So by the time we managed to get a new battery and up to Norwich to deliver the 3 paintings it was already mid afternoon and the great light had gone and by the time we would have had got to Dunwich the daylight would be in short supply. So plan B and a still life at home and some trusty mushrooms set up in the studio.


Week 46, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Sardines galore

More fish and this time Sardines. The studio assistant (Pippa my dog) went crazy with the smell of these and I was having to fight her off while I sketched them. At least this time she was not able to roll on them as she does with bits of fish left by fishermen on the beach. Love the shiny scales.


Week 44, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Rowan Berries

I thought that I should paint some berries which I could bring to the studio, so off around the country lanes I went. I thought it was going to be Rose Hips or Hawthorn but as I drove around I realised that there are very few red berries in the hedgerows. So eventually I remembered where there are some Rowan trees with their red berries.

week 44