Day 284, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

Black Bryony (Tamus communis) I find this a strange name as the plant is defined by it’s startling red shiny berries as it climbs and twists away from the hedgerow. A highly poisonous plant and a member of the Yam Family as Autumn and Winter progress the leaves will die back completely until just the […]

Day 194, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

Musk Mallow Yet again drawing on the flowers of Hen Reedbeds (Suffolk Wildlife Trust) with this sketch of Musk mallow (Malva moschata). Growing by the car park as this is a perennial that prefers drier soil and not the wet reedbeds normally associated with this reserve. It has the most delicate pink coloured flowers on […]

Day 169, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

So far in my sketch a year challenge I have drawn Honesty flower seedheads which were dried and transparent from over the winter. Then in Spring I drew some Honesty flowers which have now gone full circle and are once again seedheads. However the difference is that the seedheads are still green and purple and […]