Week 4, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Blythburgh Estuary On a crisp afternoon with the sun low in the sky. It was a day when in the shadows the frost never melted and the temperature reached a chilly 2 degrees C, however there was no wind so in the sun before it dropped behind the branches of a tree it was quite […]

Week 3, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Josephine on Beccles Quay It was nice to be able to get my sketch this week done before the weekend. This was mostly thanks to Mike Liggins who phoned and asked me to meet him at Beccles Quay to do a follow up piece for BBC Look East for last years challenge and for this […]

Week 2, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Dunwich Cliffs again I have still been suffering with this virus and getting out to paint is difficult. I first tried the car park at Dunwich by the cafe and did have my paints out on the beach ready to start, but before I could I could see the snow clouds approaching from the North. […]