Week 50, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Covehithe looking south towards Southwold

Yet another cold Saturday afternoon with the sun low in the sky. This is from the end of the road as it disappears off the cliff and viewed directly into the low light which softened all the colours and detail into a soft haze.

This sketch is dedicated to my Uncle Rob who sadly passed away yesterday, he will be missed by us all.


Week 24, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Covehithe Church

When I did my sketch in week 18 I saw this view across the fields towards the church, I thought then there was a future sketch waiting to be painted. So I returned today to find that the view was now much more difficult to see as the trees and undergrowth has filled out. Not to be put off I moved closer to the church to a nearer gateway and a similar view.

week 24


Week 18, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Covehithe Bridleway

A beautiful bridleway that runs from Benacre to Covehithe. At the Covehithe end is a fantastic Bluebell wood that is fenced to keep deer out and the Bluebells are stunning at the moment. The path continues and opens out farmland and the meadow that was full of sheep and the stunning 2 Oak trees that seem to bend into each other to form a single mass. The path finally joins the road by Wood Farm Barn.

week 18

Week 13, 2017 Colour sketch challenge


Looking north up the beach from Covehithe towards Benacre with my gallery assistant Pippa (my dog), she certainly enjoyed the walk and loves the beach and sea. I love the ever changing cliffs here as they are constantly eroded away by the high tides. Walking along the cliff top the other week towards Benacre it was fascinating to see last years path right on the edge at points completely it disappeared off the edge to be seen rejoining some distance further along. Glad to say there is now a warmth to the Spring air which has made painting outside far easier.

week 13





Day 366, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

Covehithe Broad

So this is the last sketch of my 2016 challenge and back to where it all begun on a chilly beach beside Covehithe broad. Then it was a quick watercolour sketch, the one and only one before I decided to use chinagraph pencils. I had hoped to repeat the same sketch but for those who know Covehithe well will appreciate just how much the Broad has changed over the past year so alas that could not be achieved but I did find this view towards the church which is close by and in the same direction.

Covehithe Broad 366

Finally here are the stubs of 162 chinagraph pencils, so many times have I sharpened them all.