At last the books have arrived

It’s just over a year since we held the exhibition of the 100 drawings supporting YANA and what a year it has been! Finally I took delivery of the paperback books and again I will be donating around a third of the book price to YANA. I have set up a separate online store where the book and remaining drawings can be purchased. Please visit my store at or straight to the book here.

One reply on “At last the books have arrived”

  1. Hello Caroline Butcher here, nee Hintz
    Would really wish to have contact with you.Helen and I discovered each after family things. Our Auntie Ruth made us meet again.Helen told about you.We communicate quite often.
    I admire how you are using your talent to support the farming community.
    Somewhere I have a lovely photograph of your mum and Raymond, my father-in-law who is sadly deceased, of them doing ‘THE TWIST’.

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