I am a Suffolk artist whose work is inspired by the fragile coastal landscape of East Anglia, its wildlife and mans influence upon it. Much of my time is spent outside observing, sketching and photographing, I then reinterpret those experiences and images through painting and printmaking.

After studying Wildlife Illustration at Dyfed College of Art, I became a freelance illustrator in 1985.  Whilst enjoying illustrating and completing work for many large companies it was painting and printmaking where my primary interests laid.

Consequently my practice moved more towards being an exhibiting artist for Galleries.  Since the early 2000’s I have regularly exhibited my work both locally and nationally.  In 2011 after my children had both graduated from University and I returned to college studying Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, where I graduated in 2014 with a B.A. (hons.) degree.

Suffolk artist sketch a day challenge

In 2016 I am taking part in my own sketching challenge where I sketch and publish my sketches on social media each day, at the end of this process the sketches may well be used to create a book and will also be used in my paintings and in my printmaking.

Suffolk artist sketching day 52
Suffolk artist sketching day 52


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