My 2018 challenge part 5

Slice of baguette

Remnant of today’s dinner. A crust slice of bread. Oops put the wrong date on this one.


My glasses

Fortunately I have more than one pair.



Thought I should do this today as it is Shrove Tuesday. In the UK many people celebrate by eating pancakes usually with sugar and lemon.



One of my many feathers I have at home.



Needed these this winter it has seemed a particularly cold winter.


MP3 Speaker

A very simple design.


Barney the Cat

Round at our friends with their beautiful cat called Barney. Gladly he sat reasonably still for nearly the three minutes, just two poses.


My 2018 challenge part 4

4th February

Another from the beach. Shells are not that common along our stretch of coastline so i often pick up those that I find. I hope that I have identified this correctly as a Peppery Furrow.4-2

5th February

Down in Southwold thinking about paintings of the sea and gathering some reference, time also for a quick sketch. I love theses days where the northerly winds kick up our sea.5-2

6th February

3 minutes to capture one of my sketching pencils.


7th February

Yes my hand holding my sketchbook, I am left handed.


8th February

I have been lino cutting this week all to be revealed soon and today is first proof so the inks are out. Quite a big print so the press is being used instead of hand burnishing.


9th February

Always interesting is the elliptical shape of the top  and bottom of a bowl, even over the small difference in height it is important to observe and capture the difference between the two.9-2

10th February

Sweet Violets found in the shelter of a bush in my garden, surely a sign that spring is on the way. It is obvious the days are increasing in length but as yet it has remained cold and particularly damp. 10-2

My 2018 challenge part 3

28th January

Sitting in the Jolly Sailors, Pakefield and it is warm enough for brave people to be sitting outside eating chips.28-1

29th January

Another sketch that includes some part of the evening meal. The good thing is in 3 mins this lemon can be used.


30th January

A well worn Whelk shell from the beach. This one has the wonderful internal spiral that has been exposed by the tumbling in the sea.


31st January

So here it is the long awaited Super blue moon, with the clouds closing in I just managed to complete the quick sketch before it vanished.


1st February

I noticed these Snow drops (Fair maids of February) growing in the churchyard at Henstead church. Not quite the carpet that will follow after the next few weeks  but just a beautiful strip along the edge where it must catch the sun.


2nd February

Again something collected from the tide line. Cuttlefish only appear on the beach after it has been a little rougher than normal where they are stranded with the seaweed.


3rd February

Waiting for The Tannahill Weavers to hit the stage at The Cut at Halesworth, sitting on the stage  Roy Gullane’s guitar.