Week 33, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Dunwich Heath

After visiting just over a month ago when the heather was just beginning to flower I started to plan this sketch and sure enough 4 weeks later the heather is now in full flower. A short walk southwards up one of the paths to the top of the hill for this wonderful panorama looking back towards the coastguard cottages owned by the National trust. The view was taken by sitting on the back of a bench which made working with the easel a little difficult.


Week 27, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Greyfriars Priory ruins, Dunwich

The site of one the sketch a day sketches now part of the weekly challenge. The 13th century ruins sit inside a walled 7 acre enclosure with its 2 gateways. I was taken by the view through one of the windows.

week 27

Week 23, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

National Trust Dunwich heath

A trip to Dunwich National Trust except this time looking northwards along the beach towards Southwold from the clifftops. Quite surprised that it was so windy and quite a challenge although worth just being there for all the Sand martins that were constantly flying past over the Bracken and Gorse. As I sketched this view the shadows of small clouds constantly flitted their way across the sea.

week 23

Week 7, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Yet again my website has been hacked so I am re posting.

Looking North from Dunwich
On a crisp sunny February day still quite chilly. Two modern inshore fishing boat sit tethered on the beach looking towards Southwold. It was a great day and such a change from the weeks of grey days.

Dunwich week 7

Week 2, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Dunwich Cliffs again

I have still been suffering with this virus and getting out to paint is difficult. I first tried the car park at Dunwich by the cafe and did have my paints out on the beach ready to start, but before I could I could see the snow clouds approaching from the North. All the fields around the car park are deep in water after last nights tidal surge breached the shingle bank.

So back into the car and up the road to Dunwich NT to take advantage of the Lookout building where  I could be dry and out of the weather. Having painted the view South out of the window last week I turned my attention North towards Southwold. Although at first I had to deal with the snow that was beating on the window and the condensation that rapidly appeared on the inside. While painting, over the sea there were flocks of Scoter ducks, Grebes and Cormorants were flying past. One of the rafts of Scoters on the sea were appearing and disappearing as they dived had a solitary Long Tailed Duck accompanying them.

So in the background are yet more snow clouds approaching while I tried to capture the brief moment of brighter light, the buildings in Southwold illuminated against the dark clouds. In the foreground I liked the light that was being reflected off the icy roof of the Sea watching building.

Dunwich cliffs North week 2