Week 1, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

Dunwich cliffs

This is the start of my new challenge, a colour sketch each week throughout 2017. I have been unfortunate to have the winter virus since Christmas and I struggled with the last few sketches last year and this first week I have had to leave it until the last day. Even then I needed to find somewhere dry and not too cold. So back to Dunwich Heath NT and back to the Coastguard lookout where I sketched North last year www.kate-batchelor.co.uk/dunwich/day-107-of-my-2016-sketch-a-day-challenge when it was also raining but this time to sketch the view South.

So today is a very misty drizzly day and the view across over Minsmere beach is all muted greys with no sight of Sizewell.

Dunwich Heath week 1

2 replies on “Week 1, 2017 Colour sketch challenge”

  1. Looking forward to following the new challenge, if the first is anything to go by, it’s going to be some journey!!

    1. Thanks Chris I am also looking forward to the journey. It will be nice to do more colour sketches although I still plan to post some chinagraph pencil sketches as well.

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