“Gloucester Old Spots” YANA day 94 of 100

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The Gloucester old spot is a rare heritage breed. Traditionally they often fed on windfall orchard apples and today they were happy having just had some apples. These two belong to my cousins Sue and Nick Batchelor out at Weston. Nick has always farmed pigs but also keeps a few at home.

“Jim the chair maker” YANA day 83 of 100

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In the workshop with Jim Parsons a furniture maker. Based in Cransford in Suffolk, Jim specialises in making both traditional chairs and chairs of his own designs. Whilst the workshop is full of machinery and tools it is also full of chair parts sitting in jigs having been steam bent or carved. Here I have drawn Jim as he shaves the chairs cross members that will slot into the legs.

Jim buys locally grown ash coming straight from the wood.

Like many craft people he spends much of his time working in solitude.

“Shepherdswell Helena, Ed’s Gloucester cattle” YANA day 92 of 100

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My great grandfather came from Gloucestershire so I like to imagine that these cattle were familiar to him. The Gloucester are an ancient breed from the Severn valley since the 13th century but are now at risk with less than 750 females. So it is great that there are people like Ed Smith championing them.

Originally England’s oldest dairy breed they are best known for supplying the milk to make Double and Single Gloucester.

“One of the hairy bunch” YANA day 90 of 100

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On the farm this morning with cattle farmer and textile designer Izzy Rainey in Foulsham, North Norfolk. Izzi is a young farmer with 2 beef herds of Lincoln reds and Highland cattle. Here is Nell one of her Highland girls who greeted us at the gate. A really friendly herd. It was also nice for me to see Izzi’s art and talk to her about it, she is an inspirational young lady.