The next Lino print

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I started preparing this multi colour multi block print just before I begun the Yana drawings and for the past 100+ days I have been waiting. Cutting is about to begin and to breath some life into these flat pieces of Lino.

BBC Look East

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It is strange fate that the video that the BBC has just done on my project is sitting right next to the very video that inspired the project in the first place. This video is called “Farmers on the edge” but I warn you this is an emotional video and probably make you cry (it did me and my husband). My video can be viewed here


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There will be a one day exhibition where all 100 drawings will be for sale.

There is a private view the night before which will be by RSPV invite. Please contact me if you wish to receive one of these. Attached is the information for general public day.

“That’s all folks” YANA day 100 of 100

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The last day and time to reveal today’s drawing! Arranged this one some time ago when look East asked if they could join and film me on my visit to Alastair of Blythburgh freerange pork. I knew that I wanted to draw a sow portrait so Alastair took me to Reydon to a new field of 1 to 4 year olds. When we arrived they were still having breakfast which was great as they we right in front of us. Often they we actually in their trough or at least had their front feet in. So some preliminary sketches were made and some photographs taken before heading home to start the drawing. I hope that you will then see me in time lapse as Dawn Gerber of Look East filmed me as I completed the drawing. At the moment it looks as if that will be on Look East Thursday or Friday. Also many thanks to Lesley Dolphin of Radio Suffolk who had an on air chat with me at around 2:30.

So tomorrow is a day off! The first since 22nd July.