Week 33, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Dunwich Heath

After visiting just over a month ago when the heather was just beginning to flower I started to plan this sketch and sure enough 4 weeks later the heather is now in full flower. A short walk southwards up one of the paths to the top of the hill for this wonderful panorama looking back towards the coastguard cottages owned by the National trust. The view was taken by sitting on the back of a bench which made working with the easel a little difficult.


Week 32, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Sotterley Straw Bales

Well into August now and many of the fields have been harvested and of those many still have bales ready to be collected. I remembered sketching these last year when I left it a little long and nearly missed them so I have got in there early this year. Always such beautiful colours especially in evening light although these are in the early afternoon.


Week 31, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Pakefield Groynes

With my delivery date looming fast for my forthcoming exhibition this weeks sketch is very close to home just up the road on Pakefield Beach. These groynes are up near to the Jolly Sailors with high tide just past they were reasonably well covered.


Gallery in the Lanes and Riverside Arts and Crafts Exhibition

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PV Invite

Not long now until my exhibition of my sketch a day challenge from 2016. I would love to see you at my PV which is being held at “Gallery in the Lanes” in Norwich. The exhibition will be spread between 2 galleries with also work at “Riverside Art and Glass” in Wroxham. Both will run from 12th August until 3rd September.

I will have around 200 different prints of sketches from the challenge as well as new paintings that have come from the sketches.

Week 30, 2017 Colour sketch challenge

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Hemp Agrimony at Carlton Marshes

I thought today would be another flower sketch and no better place than the wonderful Carlton Marshes. Here there is a diverse range of flowers with the stand out at the moment being the Purple Loosestrife, Meadow Sweet, Sow Thistle, Water Mint and what became the subject matter Hemp Agrimony. Along with these came an equally wonderful selection of butterflies such as Wall Browns, Peacocks, Red Admirals, Common Blues and Gatekeepers. The Hemp Agrimony attracts two of these in abundance these being the Peacock and captured in this sketch the Red Admiral.

week 30


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