“Father & Son” Yana project day 6

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Yesterday I spent a wonderful evening sketching with Paul, Tobias and Emma Watkin and David on their farm in St Michaels South Elmham. A wonderful farm of 100 acres where they were harvesting their “New Harvester Square head master” wheat straw which the sell for thatching. A beautiful farm still with small fields and deep hedges with abundant wildlife. All evening you could hear Yellowhammers calling and around the field numerous species of butterflies flitted from flower to flower.

It was great to see tradition farming methods still being used to great effect. After cutting the sheaves where errected into shocks to dry.


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Combining in the heatwave

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Yey another scorching day but with the knowledge that rain can appear from nowhere with lightening and thunder as it did last night accompanied by the squally wind. So the farmers are out getting the crop in whilst it is dry and it is a race against the clock.

Viewed from the headland the combine is hard at work followed by a dust ball, in the distance the tractor and trailer are ready to take the grain away.


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Deep in contemplation

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The farmer deep in contemplation as he walks his dog along the cartpath.

This drawing reflects on the farmer often alone during the day with just his dog for companionship.


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“Queenie” Yana Project day 3

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A visit to see Lady Clare Euston and her Suffolk punch horses. Wow what a hot day and amidst the high temperatures the Suffolk horses were in their stables keeping cool. Clare is Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk is a championer of mental health within the farming community.

Whilst it was extremely hot her mare “Queenie” was brought out of her stable so that I could make several prelminary sketches which I then used to create the final drawing “Queenie and Lady Clare”

Thank you Lady Clare for your support and enthusiasm for the Yana Project. I will during the 100 days return when it is much cooler to sketch again the Suffolks and this time maybe a foal.

Queenie and Lady Clare

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Day 2 YANA Project

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Over the years I have spent a lot of time watching Hares in Suffolk and Norfolk. This one was resting in some stubble. It is so nice to see this one lying down relaxing rather than hunkered down in a tight ball. I think it was enjoying the warmth of the sun or perhaps was trying to cool off.

Hares are such majestic mammals and are iconic symbols of farmland.

Want to know more about what I am doing with the YANA project read and watch this article from the EDP.