“After the cows are milked” YANA day 79 of 100

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Continuing on from yesterday we follow the progress of the milk from the Montbéliard cows. Graham the production manager and his team of 20 is seen here ladling the curds into the cheese moulds in the initial stages of making the baron Bigod cheese. Rather than explain the process here I thoroughly recommend the video on Fen Farm dairies linked here.

“My morning with some Montbéliarde cattle” YANA day 78 of 100

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I spent the morning with the Crickmore family at Fen farm dairy at Flixton. The farm has been farmed by their family for 3 generation and has diversified into producing cheese from their milk. So in order to make their cheese they have a herd of Montbéliarde cow which produce a high fat, high protein milk. They make their renowned Baron Bigod cheese a creamy, white bloomy-rind cheese handmade on the farm by Jonny and the team. Here I have drawn the Montbéliarde cows a beautiful pied red and white breed.

“Across the rainy sky” YANA day 77 of 100

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What a day with over 3″ of rain over several hours. I had hoped to be watching the Suffolk horse ploughing championships, I am not sure if they went ahead but I decided to stay home. So today some Barnacle geese which I so often see flying out of the fields at this time of year.

“Waveney Hanser Norfolk’s prize champion” YANA day 75 of 100

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Nicola Chapman with her three-year-old home-bred dun bull called Waveney Harnser at Carr Farm in Burgh St Peter. Champion at the National Show, held at Westmorland in Cumbria.

Carr farm became Norfolk’s first Pasture for Life producer in 2017. The scheme audits and certifies livestock enterprises whose animals are 100% grass-fed.

Having a nice rub and scratch.