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  1. Sadly I won’t be able to attend the exhibition as I will be away. Is there any chance I can buy some of your sketches on line or do you sell any of your work from your studio?

    Many thanks, Grania

    1. Hi Grania
      As a thank you to all the farmers and people who allowed us to visit we will be offering them the opportunity to buy their pictures first. The tawny owl is unavailable as it is being made available through a raffle. I currently have all the drawings in my studio but they need to go to be photographed soon but that is local. You would also be welcome to come to my studio. I will be able to take card payments at home but not over the phone but I normally find a bank transfer works well.
      Do you have any particular favourites?
      Now the drawings are finished I am able to get some organising done.
      The drawings are quite large all measuring about 594x420mm. I have fixed the price with YANA at £250 each, these are unframed.
      Thank you for contacting me it is a shame you will not be able to make the exhibition.
      Best wishes kate

  2. Hi Kate,
    I adore number 71 Black Sands limousins if it is available. However I did start following you at number 63 so there is a lot more to see! Would be lovely to come to your studio when convenient to you, if possible could you please give me a couple of dates to go by.
    Best wishes,

  3. Good afternoon Kate, I’m married to a Buckinghamshire farmer and and have had a few mental health issues myself recently and applaud your valiant effort of 100 in 100 days. Although you didn’t paint any of our animals I would dearly love the opportunity to purchase maybe 2 of your sketches, in particular the hares which were shown on bbc this morning and maybe the sows from Southwold. Getting across country for 30 November would be particularly difficult for me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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