Day 175, of my 2016 sketch a day challenge

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Bittern Hide sketch

After a very rainy morning it was off to Minsmere to monitor the Bitterns. We all arrived in Bittern hide in the pouring rain and were instantly rewarded with a male and female Bittern sitting quite close in the reeds. And thank goodness as the rest of the wildlife was hunkered down. Eventually the rain past and it sprang to life, not only did the Bitterns keep showing well but the Marsh Harriers were close by and entertained us with some food passes. As it warmed we were blessed with some excellent views of a Hobby whilst a Red Deer doe came slowly up the path feeding. Then rather fortunately we noticed ripples and a stream of air bubbles as an Otter came swimming up the dyke surfacing to give an brief but exquisite view before turning back and swimming the other. Not to be outdone a Kingfisher came to rest on a nearby perch staying for an incredibly long time. Eventually the sun came out and what a morning. Time for a sketch before heading home only to stumble across 4 or 5 kit Stoats which spent 10 minutes frolicking in the middle of a country lane, WOW.

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