My 2018 challenge part 2

My 3 minute sketches part 2

22nd Jan: Such a simple object but full of geometric form, simple and part of our everyday lives but also well designed.


23rd January: I think the man in the supermarket thought me a little strange asking for that Sardine until I told him it was just for sketching. Then he knew it was strange.


24th January: Part of my shopping for the week at some point I think a curry is on the menu. Such a simple shape but so easily to recognise.


25th January: Today I have been lino carving so my tools were out and on the bench, hopefully this make it to print early next week.


26th January: I have been unwell with my asthma hence so many indoor sketches, even this one is through my back door. This is just the sence that spring is around the corner.


27th January: My dog’s tennis ball, loved the furry shadow thrown by the strong light source.