“One of the hairy bunch” YANA day 90 of 100

On the farm this morning with cattle farmer and textile designer Izzy Rainey in Foulsham, North Norfolk. Izzi is a young farmer with 2 beef herds of Lincoln reds and Highland cattle. Here is Nell one of her Highland girls who greeted us at the gate. A really friendly herd. It was also nice for […]

“Guinea fowl” YANA day 88 of 100

Today I visited Melinda Raker and her family at Croxton Park to draw her beautiful Guinea fowl. These two are the elders of the flock and are known as the uncles. A difficult drawing having to leave so many white dots it would have been so much easier in paint. So what are these drawings […]

“The Pink footed Geese are back” YANA day 87 of 100

Driving back through Norfolk close to Potter Heigham I was so lucky to see a field packed full of Pink-footed geese intermingled with some Greylag geese. I was able to pull up into a lay-by very close by and watch them for sometime. Suddenly some geese further away were spooked and slowly the whole field […]