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October 2019 - Page 2 of 6 - Kate Batchelor Artist

“Lincoln Reds” YANA day 96 of 100

A deep cherry red full bodied mum and calf resting in the pasture grass in Norfolk on the farm with Izzi Rainey. Lincoln reds were selectively bred from the indigenous draught cattle of Lincolnshire by crossing with the Durham type Shorthorn to produce a dual purpose breed. Here Izzi keeps them with her Highlands as […]

“The Farm Secretary” YANA 95 of 100

Had a great chat to Carol Catchpole who is a farm secretary. Farm secretaries look after the business side of a farm or estate carrying out administrative paperwork, preparing accounts, keeping records of stock and crops, costings, ordering of equipment and supplies. Carol not only looks after her own family farm but also several farms […]

“Gloucester Old Spots” YANA day 94 of 100

The Gloucester old spot is a rare heritage breed. Traditionally they often fed on windfall orchard apples and today they were happy having just had some apples. These two belong to my cousins Sue and Nick Batchelor out at Weston. Nick has always farmed pigs but also keeps a few at home.

“Jim the chair maker” YANA day 83 of 100

In the workshop with Jim Parsons a furniture maker. Based in Cransford in Suffolk, Jim specialises in making both traditional chairs and chairs of his own designs. Whilst the workshop is full of machinery and tools it is also full of chair parts sitting in jigs having been steam bent or carved. Here I have […]