Combining in the heatwave

Yey another scorching day but with the knowledge that rain can appear from nowhere with lightening and thunder as it did last night accompanied by the squally wind. So the farmers are out getting the crop in whilst it is dry and it is a race against the clock. Viewed from the headland the combine […]

“Queenie” Yana Project day 3

A visit to see Lady Clare Euston and her Suffolk punch horses. Wow what a hot day and amidst the high temperatures the Suffolk horses were in their stables keeping cool. Clare is Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk is a championer of mental health within the farming community. Whilst it was extremely hot her mare […]

Day 2 YANA Project

Over the years I have spent a lot of time watching Hares in Suffolk and Norfolk. This one was resting in some stubble. It is so nice to see this one lying down relaxing rather than hunkered down in a tight ball. I think it was enjoying the warmth of the sun or perhaps was […]

So onto my next challenge

For a few months now I have planning a new project. Yes another sketching challenge, except this time with a purpose and with great meaning. The easiest way to explain this is to let you follow the link to the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) where a video and text awaits that will explain today’s sketch. […]