Prints Gallery

Apart from my Monoprints I also like to produce Lino and Woodcut prints.  Most of my prints are traditional black on white although I do enjoy the challenges of a multi coloured reduction print.

Lino Prints

These start out as a sheet of linoleum which is used a relief surface. Linoleum is relatively easy to cut into with sharp handheld gougers using different shapes and sizes to yield different cuts. Each cut will translate into part of the print not being printed. This means that I have to work in reverse removing black to leave white as opposed to most drawing where you are adding colour in positive on a white paper, also I am working in reverse with the final print being a mirror image.  Once ready to print I roller on a thin layer of ink and lay a piece of paper on top then either hand burnish or pass through a press.

Reduction Lino Prints

This process is for creating multi coloured prints from a single block. This involves progressively cutting and over printing successive layers of colour gradually removing more and more of the Linoleum building up the final print. The process means that you can never print from the block again.

Some of these can be purchased at my online shop